About us

Latodolce, a small creative workshop in the heart of Berlin, a place where you can stop to buy some sweets and eat it at home, following the memory of the ancient shops of Italian villages, or enjoy it while walking; you can even stop only to observe three experts pastry chefs feverishly working biscuits and frozen desserts. You can ask about cooking classes, sweet and salty, that Natalia has recently started to teach. You can taste. And stay for awhile at this cozy and warm perimeter then that is the logo that precisely symbolizes Latodolce. A warm space. A house.

“Maybe there are no secret ingredients, but only special ingredients”.

Those that Natalia keeps, on the workbench, are craftsmanship and freshness. All Latodolce products are lab-made, that is designed, machined and baked directly into the Kreuzberg “headquarters”. From the windows facing the street you can admire the colorful petite fours, pretty cakes that tempt the palate with their combinations of ingredients and fillings. Latodolce also produces biscuits, mini pies – sweet and savory – ice petite fours, a new line of frozen desserts that recall the classic, real tasty break for the hottest days.

Latodolce provides also the structure of partnerships with companies that require it, making cookies, sweet cakes and gift packages customizable and branded. If it is true that the image of a company also switches from the marketing strategies who is decided to use for the promotion, Latodolce pastry can only make this strategy a gently winning mix!

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